The Adolf-Kolping-Berufskolleg is a College of Further Education for Technology and Media and has been awarded the quality seal “Europaschule” (European College) by the Federal State of North-Rhine-Westphalia.

1600 students who are trained by a staff of 80 teachers attend our school. Our education and training programs encompass project-relevant occupational fields of the dual system (construction engineering, information technology, electrical engineering and supply engineering) as well as full-time courses.

Since 2010/11 the Adolf-Kolping-Berufskolleg has offered the training as a certified Technician of Building System Engineering. This qualification enables the technicians to contribute in a leading position to the planning of complex buildings or to work in the field of technical building management of complex buildings. The training is a profile extension for our students who acquire competences in the occupational fields of plant manufacturing and installation as well as in electrical, construction, woodworking and IT occupations.

Our school has got a lot of experience in the realization of LdV-projects: 22 completed LdV-mobility-projects in the fields of initial vocational training and the professionals of vocational training and further education; mobility-certificate 2009-2013; Leo+ Award 2009, Good Practice Projects 2007, 2009 and 2011. The responsible project staff is also experienced in realising LdV-projects.

The project is coordinated by the Coordinator of European Activities (LdV) and by the Head of Department of the Technician’s School for Building System Engineering. Our head of department was member of the curriculum committee for the development of the temporary directives and curricula for the professional school of technology in the occupational field of Building System Engineering that was put into effect in 2011. Furthermore the head of department is essentially involved in the configuration of the educational programme of Technician of Building Service Engineering.

Due to former LdV-mobility-projects both project managers are well acquainted with the partner organisations, as all partners have functioned as sending and hosting institution in the field of initial vocational training. Some partnerships have been founded in 2003.