C.I.F.P. Mantenimiento y Servicio

The Vocational Training Center for Integrated Maintenance and Production Services Langreo, is located on the grounds of the so-called “City and Industrial Technology Valnalón” in the Parish of St. Peter’s district in the municipality of Langreo. The Center’s training grounds, houses two distinct buildings to each other and linked by a glazed curtain wall, sheltering inside two landmark buildings. The C.I.F.P. has 26 teachers and 324 students. 102 of them are on-line students, it means we have distance learning through moodle and video conference. To train professionals with a high degree of versatility, since its formation in subjects enrolled in electrical, electronic, pneumatic / hydraulic and develops online maintenance of machines, transport systems, parts and products in industries systems used cold, heat and air conditioning in general. They are dealing with initial and further education.