GIP-FAR is a regional organisation of further vocational education in Brittany, France. It was founded by the Ministry of Education in 2003. This public institution employs a staff of 50 employees.

The working field of GIP-FAR encompasses:

  • further education of trainers and other experts of training,
  • development of pedagogic innovations at all training facilities in Brittany,
  • support and supervision of educational institutions,
  • supervision of research in the field of further and adult training,
  • implementation of the profile pass (accreditation of work experience) in Brittany,
  • prevention of academic failure.

The activities are:

  • Training
  • Training for Trainers
  • Profile Pass Consulting
  • Fighting Academic Failure

Project management and European partnership:
GIP-FAR has had a long experience of networking with various training facilities and educational institutions. They have participated in several projects of initial and further vocational training on regional as well as on the European level.