I.E.S. Campanillas

At I.E.S. Campanillas full-time students are trained in VETs like electrical engineering and information technology, which are close to building service engineering. In order to estabilish a close contact to the world of work the IT-training courses are held in the training rooms of the neigbouring Parque Tecnologico Andalucia (PTA).

At the PTA high technology enterprises and research institutions with more than 4,000 workplaces can be found, among them internationally active firms dealing with information technology, ventilation engineering and air-conditioning technology. Being taught at the PTA enables the students at a very early time in their training to establish contacts with enterprises. The I.E.S. Campanillas has excellent contacts to firms at the PTA. The principal is closely linked with decision-makers in education in Malaga and Andalucia.