Kouvolan ammittipisto sendum

Kouvola Region Vocational College is the largest upper secondary college of the region Kymenlaakso. It is owned by the City of Kouvola. The number of students is 3000, 500 of them are internship students or adult students. The number of personnel is 260. The college provides vocational education and training in seven different sectors, in 40 different professions. In the technology sector it provides 11 vocational qualifications, for example the Vocational Qualification in Building Maintenance, the Vocational Qualification in Electrical Engineering and Automation. Kouvola Region Vocational College is very active and experienced in international co-operation. It sends every year about 100 students to have a work placement period in another European country and receives the same number of students. The number pf personnel included in the exchanges and teachers’ mobility is 50 persons/year. The mobility of the college is certified in 2009.