04 – National comptetence profiles

Drawing up national competence profiles and determining processes to verify competences

The completed competence matrix forms a general survey of the vocational field of Building Service Engineering. It is the aim of this work package to create competence profiles of the countries from individual parts of the competence matrix. Competence profiles will be created by identifying those competences that are relevant for a special qualification measure in the field of Building Service Engineering.

That is why the European partners analyse their national training opportunities (competence profiles) on the basis of the matrix referring to vocational VETs from the vocational fields of electric engineering, structural and supply engineering, information technology. Furthermore, the training opportunities will be analysed regarding different further education opportunities and qualification measures in the field of Building Service Engineering.

In the matrix those competences will be identified that are covered by the training offers and further education offers of the European partners in the respective partner country. By using this process it is made visible within the competence matrix what kind of competence acquisition is possible in each partner country. A survey will be made of the different training offers and qualification measures. By defining the competence matrix in combination with the competence profiles it is possible to create new VET-programmes as well as to evaluate and adopt existing VET-programmes in the field of Building Service Engineering.

Within the competence profiles the partners will agree onĀ  units that are offered in each country. For these units specific tasks will be formulated and determined that can be assessed. In order to assess the units of learning outcomes within the ECVET-system, the partners will develop methods to identify competences and develop criteria for assessment. This will be done to be able to validate and accept learning units acquired in a foreign country and to check if the student has really acquired the competences.

By spreading the competence profiles, enterprises in the field of Building Service Engineering that offer internships within mobility measures, are to describe their institutional profile and to formulate their employment demands.

The competence profiles are to be described in the process of preparing the third workshop.