05 – Mobilities

Preparation and implementation of the mobilities to proof the understandability of the VQTS-Matrix.

Students will be sent to different foreign countries to do internships in companies working in the field of Building Service Engineering. By doing so we are able to evaluate the practicality of the VQTS-Matrix. The mobility also enables us to find out if the learning units that are gone through during the stays abroad are fully understood by all participating partners. More than anything though we want the partners in the project to confirm that the competences that are learned essentially in the mobility units are equal to the described units in to the VQTS-Matrix. The VQTS validity will be evaluated by the standardized examination procedures. That way we can get a hands-on feedback whether the VQTS-Matrix as well as some learning units are actually understood by the people responsible for the training on location, the teachers, and the students. Also it will be evaluated if the validated experiences abroad can be accepted for the technician of Service Building Engineering`s training scheme.

The ways of examination procedures should be evaluated in order to find out if they are useful instruments to ascertain that the students learned what they are supposed to learn. Only that way we can gurantee a sound basis for an accreditation of a unit as creditable part of a competence profile. We would like to encourage a discussion about the possible accreditation of certain units not only as part of the training scheme for Building Service Engineering but also as part of other advanced further educations. Another question concerns the practicality of implementing certain units into a concept of improving and developing the current training regulation.