01 – Project Management and coordination

Within the project the communication between all partners will be supported by an internal communication platform on the project’s website, by e-mail and phone calls. In addition to this also moodle and googlegroups will be used to support the communication.

Main activities:

  • For the kick-off meeting preparation of overviews of the work plan, budget information for all partners, setting of framework condition.
  • Conceptual and technical organisation of all transnational meetings, where applicable in cooperation with other responsible project partners.
  • In-between the meetings communication via working area of the website, e-mail and telephon.
  • Interim and final reporting, communication with the external evaluator

There will be reports concerning ongoing activities (including dissemination) and financial reports from all partners to the EU-GES every 6 months.

In order to make sure that all administrative and financial issues are settled in advance and possible ambiguities concerning the work programme are resolved, the coordinator will conclude bilateral partner contracts with all partners. There, the tasks and responsibilities as well as available resources will be defined.

Contact data will be made accessible to all partners in the consortium.